Upper Case Wedding Invite Font – Close to but NOT Mensa


I have tried the usual suspects: WhatTheFont, What Font Is, Find My Font, etc. with no real luck. It seems like I can find the right M in the wrong family, the right Q and O in the wrong family, the right R in the wrong family, J, etc...

I am having wedding invitations made by this company, but would like to make an accompanying website and cannot for the life of me find this font. I am happy to buy the font regardless of price as long as I can find the exact match. Cursive identification a plus!

From Book:

In production:

Thank you ahead of time!


The closest I can find so far is Mensa Medium / Semibold: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/aviation/mensa/

The Q and G are off, but I can probably just mod them in FontForge or do some similar hack. Thoughts?

... and who knows the other font ( the script font) used in this wedding invitation ?
thx :)