Mark Simonson's Anonymous, Emacs, weird font smoothing

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Mark Simonson's Anonymous, Emacs, weird font smoothing

I thought I’d post this here, since Mark is here, and since I privately mailed him about a similar issue a while back, and also because I’m at my wit’s end.

I use Anonymous in 7 point (on Windows 2000) as my monospaced point font of choice. A while back, I noticed that some apps were sponateously applying font smoothing when I used it, which I told Mark about. He fiddled around inside Fontographer and released another copy of the font which didn’t have this problem, and I’ve been happy ever since (except for those apps I can’t seem to coax to use Anonymous 7 pt.)

However, recently, Emacs has been applying the same smoothing to the font when I use it in any point size. This is _only_ Emacs (version 21.2 the Windows 95/NT build), and not any of my other text editors, including XEmacs. I realize this is all highly geeky and programmer-centric, but I’m hoping someone else has a hint or an idea (Mark?). Oddly, I used Emacs a while back with the same font (and point size) without issue, but I’m wondering if sometime between then (early 2002) and now a fractional upgrade build of Emacs changed it’s font handling on Windows such that this would crop up.

As a stab in the dark, I tried turning off all the smoothing for Anonymous in FontLab 4.0, built a new font, and installed that, but no such luck. Emacs is almost certainly to blame, since again, it’s the only app now exhibiting this behavior since my initial run in and Mark’s updated version.