Ancient roman font

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Can anyone identify this font?


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Interesting. Pacioli's rule -- as stated at Myfonts-- that strokes should be 1/9 of the height suggests that for a caps height of 690 the stroke width should be 77 points and the thin strokes 38. Presumably this font matches the spec....

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The small type at the bottom of the poster identifies it as a "constructed Roman alphabet" by David Lance Goines. According to Goines' web site, he published the poster in 1979. Goines is known for his elegant handlettering, and I'm not aware that the letters from this poster were ever issued as a font. Goines' poster predates Matt Desmond's Pacioli font by 28 years (though both are in the tradition of Fra Luca Pacioli's 1509 De divina proportione).

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Thanks Victor.
David Goines also has a book with the same alphabet and numerals: _A constructed Roman alphabet : a geometric analysis of the Greek and Roman capitals and of the Arabic numerals_, Boston : DR Godine, 1982, 120, [69] p. : ill. ; 32 cm.
ISBN-10: 0879233753
ISBN-13: 978-0879233754
Available for purchase, but expensive for both new and used.
Readers who just want to consult the book may find it at a university library.
Typical LOC: Z 250 .G65 1982

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