Hello everybody! I would like to know which typefaces have been used on serbian banknotes since 2001 till nowadays. There are two typefaces on a banknote. Thanks!

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Hanif Khairudin

The typeface used for numbers is sans-serif and it has also been used for Serbia's national team soccer jerseys.

The typeface used for writing NARODNA BANKA SRBIJE is an ellegant serif font but its serifs are very much reduced. It reminds a little bit of roman capital letters.

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Yes! It seems so! This is Optima.

Thank you a lot!

If anyone recognizes the sans-serif it would be great. If not, help with Optima is more than enough!

Are you thinking of the one that says "pet hiljada dinara" on the 5000-dinar note? That's Helvetica. The numbers are set in something else entirely, though.

The numbers - probably Frutiger
5000 artificially condensed a bit

Thank you so much!