Print Advertising Fonts


Can anyone please identify fonts used in the attached print advertising examples? I am so stuck on these... ggggrrrr...

I know some may be Helvetica, but if you could simply just name the font against the image or filename that would be so helpful for me. Number 5. in particular has a few different fonts which I would like to know.

Also, for print design and letterpress, which combination of fonts is best for headings and general content?

Thanks so much in advance,


1.jpg: Trajan
2.jpg: possibly Gotham
3.jpg: HI Chalet Comprimé Cologne 1960
4.jpg: I can identify Gotham and Archer
5.jpg: DIN
6.jpg: Avant-Garde Gothic ITC Bold
7.jpg: Spills CC for the woodmark "Pixillion" and if they used the same font are they're actually using on their website, should be Caslon AT
8.jpg: Trade Gothic Condensed Bold #20
9.jpg: Ubuntu

Are all those from the same printer? If so, could you message me the printer? I'm loving the print quality, I'd like to use them for my next set of cards.