(x) FAR EAST - BT Handel Gothic {Stephen}

The following posts were misfiled in the Jazzbeat thread…


Hi all, I’ve been asked to design a logo using the same font used in attatched jpeg.
I’ve looked everywhere and cannot identify it. can anyone help me identif y it please.

Oops, you posted in an existing thread, Kathy.
Oh well, that’s coo. Your font is BT Handel Gothic.

Handel Gothic comes pretty close, though the R is all wrong.

BTW You should start your own thread, or this is gonna get messy. ;)

Stephen, it’s way past your bedtime! It’s my turn now! :-) And check the R.

Changed my answer to Bitstream’s version.

And hey, gimme a break. I got up to pee.


hey you two!!! sorry bout messing with the thread. i’m new at this. my mistake. thanks for the info tho. now stop ya bickering — may be way past your bedtime but my day only jus started - grrrrrrrrr

Mine had only started as well, Kathy, it’s Stephen who’s supposed to get some sleep! He keeps hogging all the fun, even when he’s supposed to be “out”. :-)

Yves, even with my toiletcam, I only jump for a #2.