DRAGON - oriental style font



Based on _Suzie Wong_ an old metal type. Digitized by various font-makers under this name and others. Aliases:
Chinese (Brendel);
Shantung (Novel),
Shanghai (Prima, Opti, Mauerkirchner&Grunert).
No current legitimate source.
Digitization apparently based on a font purchased by Dan X. Solo.
Suzie Wong is a common version of faux-Chinese lettering labelled variously as wonton, chopstick, chow mein, chop suey, rickshaw, take out, and so forth, which are styled to mimic the brush strokes used in Chinese characters The faux Chinese designs originated with a font patented (D14150) by Henry H. Thorp on July 31, 1883 with the name Chinese Wong.
They have been criticized as being offensive as expressions of Orientalism and racial stereotyping.
They do not fit the current ethos of political correctness. So use it at your own risk.
More on this issue at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonton_font

Errors in my previous post. I mentioned several aliases for Suzie Wong. On checking I determined that at least some of them are derived from Mandarin not Suzie Wong. Mandarin is the current incarnation of Thorp's Chinese [Wong]. Available from Elsner+Flake, Linotype, URW +++. Note Mandarin's differences from Suzie Wong, such as the cross stroke at the top of the A. Here are the letters in Suzie Wong:

and in Mandarin: