(x) Font close to Maiandra? - various {gang}

A client gave me a brochure with the (PC) font: Maiandra GD. Is anyone familiar with this type face, and could reccommend something close, that hopefully I have =).

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PS. I’ve attached a sample, PLEASE disregard the layout! I’m fixing it =)!maiandra_font


Maiandra is based on Oz Cooper’s lettering.

Here are links to other Ozzie fonts. I doubt you have access
to any of these, but maybe it’s time to buy! I’ll post later to
recommend some of the more economical picks.

Thank you very much for the links! What do you have to do to convcince your employer to buy more fonts?!

Thanks again,

You can pick up Highlander Book for $21

I’m afraid I’m not the best man to answer that question, but
if you tell me more about who employs you, and for what,
maybe I can help.

The below is said in all seriousness, but with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. Meaning, I do believe in what I’ve written, but sometimes the boss doesn’t.

If we are designers, and our job is to create identities for our clients that are to be unique and original, creating for them a strong presence in the marketplace in which they sell,which in turn will help them become profitable, doesn’t it behoove us to have a greater variety of typefaces at our fingertips?

Also, you can always build the price (or part of it) of the typeface into the cost of the work for which it was used.

Maiandra GD is included in Microsoft’s Publisher program. It is a TTF and anybody with the Publisher program will have it. I could email it to you. Let me know. eckswhyzee@aol.com

Your generosity is admirable, Bob, but you’d probably violate
the terms of the end-user license if you mailed the font to Kate.

StormType’s “Clichee” isn’t much cheaper ($34 USD), but for that price you get the same “feel” as Maiandria and the flexibility of 4 styles:

I think Fritz from the Fontbureau is also a good alternative.