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Here's a little font I haven't completed, and haven't touched in over 2 years. I'll probably have to redraw it to remember what I was doing. I just remember it was pissing me off.


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I really like the plain upright UC (the lc "me fait ni chaud ni froid", and the serifed caps are to me somewhat uninspiring): the rigidity combined with the touches of "humanist" stroke contrast is a cool direction. I'd try to make this into a varied, technically (but not aesthetically) versatile all-caps font based mainly on that direction.


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The looped "f" is wonderful. I definitely like the slightly oblique version best.

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The italic is specially beauty. I love this mixture of script and structured look.
The differentiation between "g" and "q" lc characters is very elegant.
A really good font.

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