(x) Monotype Grotesque {Yves}

Can anyone clear up for me the differences between all these versions of Monotype Grotesque:


Are they all the same font being distributed by different foundries, or are they differing digital interpretations developed from the same pre-digital source?

Some of my weights seem to be labeled Monotype, some seem to be labeled Adobe, and I am trying to get a client to buy the same fonts I have for a PC.



You are spot on about the two possibilities. Here’s where my FontShop background comes in handy.

Monotype Grotesque was originally issued as a digital version by Monotype Typography themselves. As their version predates the Adobe release AND the Adobe version sports the MT appendix, I’m led to believe that this is one of the type families where Adobe acquired the digital version from Monotype and included it in their own type library. For example the Adobe Gill Sans fonts are identical to the Monotype versions and can be mixed. Just as the Berthold fonts in the Adobe Type Library which were labeled BE were the actual Berthold outlines.
Agfa on the other hand did nothing more than include the Adobe Type Foundry into their own type library, so there you would simply have Adobe versions of fonts packaged in Agfa boxes and floppy disks.

That was the situation in the mid-nineties. The current situation with the merger of the Agfa and Monotype Type Libraries and the changed agreements between Adobe, Agfa and Monotype is not so clear, but I’m quite positive that this story still holds true for Monotype Grotesque. I’d suggest you stick to one library though.