Football Type


Hi guys,
Any ideas which Football font are those two? (for American designers "Soccer" Fonts) ;)
The first one is number ten from Argentina team and the second is most modern Real Madrid, Spain football team.



The second one is most probably derived from [[|Unity]] by Yomar Augusto.

Thanks for the info Ryuk, i can see the resemblance of those two fonts.

You might find matches or similar at which has a link in the sentence "We also notice that a good number of visitors come here looking for _football fonts_, so we prepared a list of all football fonts to make them easier to find." The fonts were made [mostly] by "Abdul" based on images of football jerseys and whatever else he could find.

Thanks donshottype, you were right! RealMadrid2011 is the right font! ;)

For the '10', I've found these 2 that look to fit both design and treatment: [[|Joe College Sans Inline NF]] and [[|Superstar]]

thanks Ryuk, Joe College looks very similar indeed ;)

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