Caecilish Chapter

Found somthing at myfonts, that maybe this forum can identify. Looks so simple but I haven’t a clue.


Interesting… It’s almost PMN Caecilia Bold, but with a
single-storey ‘a’ and modified ‘e’ and ‘h’. Where’s the
sample from? What book? How recent?

BTW, please title your future ID topics with something
more specific and descriptive (such as the text from the sample).

Its from myfonts

I was also wondering about the “h” and “e”-shape

thanks, romesh

Is it Stone’s Silica?


Naw, Silica is very different. Hmm. How can I describe it?
It’s something like taking an oldstyle serif, making it
monolinear and replacing the bracketed serifs with slabs.

Bodoni Egyptian was built with a similar concept in mind.

This is worse than having my fingernails pulled out one by one. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this face before.

Slightly short, cute a and a friendly e(ye). It’s all TOO familiar.

It looks like a something informal to me.

The basic design IS PMN Caecilia, there’s little doubt about that. The skeletton, typical curves, shapes of the serifs… everything seems to point in that direction. My guess is this is some sort of Schoolbook version of PMN Caecilia, the typical changes in the design indicate this.
Does anyone have contact info for Peter-Matthias, maybe we should just ask him?

Is it maybe Caecilia’s italic made upright?

Yves, you can just email TEFF.


Good idea on the italic morphing, Hrant. But it’s not.
Whoever modified this knew what they were doing.
It’s very nice.