Outras Fontes releases Progressiva family

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Hi everybody, I hope you like our new release, available at MyFonts.

Progressiva is a sans serif type family for text and display usage. With some unique playful forms and a little bit condensed structure, the family is ideal for texts that require some personality and titles with great visual presence. Progressiva family is composed by 11 roman styles, from Thin to UltraBlack, giving a lot of space for visual variance. Each font includes some standard and discretionary ligatures as well as some alternative letterforms included in stylistic alternates and stylistic sets OpenType features. It’s suitable for magazines, posters, packaging, advertising, signage systems, corporate material and so on.

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Congrats, Ricardo! I especially liked the alternates and the impressive range of weights. Do you plan to add italics?

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Nice work Ricardo!

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Good stuff!

It should be "Ein typographisches System", though. ;o)

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Thank you people!

Igor, yes, italics are in my plans since the begining. I've been playing arond with Progressiva since 2008 and the project had several stops in the process, when I worked in other type design projects and academic research. So I decided to release it since I have all the romans done. But I want to release the italics in the future. I just don't know when, because Directa Sans, the partner of Directa Serif are in my production queue also. :-)

Catharsis, thank for the alert! I'll make the correction. Mental note: Never trust Google Translate for the samples.

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Great work Ricardo!

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