Magela, from Buenos Aires

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Thanks Stephen, I fixed the "t". Maybe I

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nice, santiago.

can you post a longer text-setting?
it seems wxy are too wide...
and g

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OK, there

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Try the ear on the g turning up rather than
down. Also it seems like bottom curves
of the cap D, G, C and B are lifting of the
baseline a bit too early (for my taste any-
ways). Could be the image also. You've
been consistent with it, so if you like it
don't let me talk you out of it. Also, the lc
x looks light.

Good luck.

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I think the "x" needs flattening at the baseline and the x-height ;)
I hope you dont mind but I made an example:


I understand it may not be the solution you want.
Also, the tilde needs a bit of weight.


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I am a sucker for the flat top lowercase "t", you should at least keep it an an alternate.

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I am a sucker for the (arly version)flattop lower case "t", I would suggest at least keeping it as an alternate.

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counter on lowercase "e" seems a little closterphobic open it up a bit.

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about the x, i think flattening its terminations a little would help, but don

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Thank you everybody for the feedback! I

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Well... There aren

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Santiago... compatriota!

Puedo decirte que me parece una fuente muy interesante la tuya.
Exquisita g...

Muchas felicitaciones!

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I agree with Sergio... and exqusite 'g'! It's a really nice type!

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Thank you very much, Sergio and Keith!
Una vez terminada la compartir

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Magela was my first teacher at school. She taught me to write (and so to draw letters) :-)

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creo que la c aun es demasiado abierta


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Claro que me interesa!


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Una cosita: La chica de la foto... la conoc

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Una buena amiga m

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Alejandro: Si, la "c" es donde tengo algunas dudas, voy a trabajar en eso.

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Una cosita: La chica de la foto... la conoc

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one of those unusually yummy lowercase g's
I love this face's cleanness

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Creo que si mi amiga se encuentra aqu

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Muy buena la tipografia...

Estoy tambien de acuerdo que la C es demasiado abierta, un poco mas cerrada le daria mas solidez a la tipografia...

y una sugerencia, has provado de poner el caracter " f " en la descendente hasta la altura de la x (como la preciosa " g " )... creo que le daria un ritmo divertido...

felicidades por el excelente trabajo.

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Here is a new sample. Fixed "c", symbols and more things.

magela7.swf (18.3 k)

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santiago, i love magela, i am sure that your teacher is a fine and sexy woman

my only comment is that the ear of your lc "r"should go down instead of upwards, i look at your "a" and "c" i i think there is a solution



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I like it!
But I think your spacing is a bit too tight.


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Great work Santiago, I love it!

But I agree with Hrant, it might be the flash file but the spacing looks too tight

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OK, thanks. I

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OK, thanks. I

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Oops, sorry. Double post. :-)

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Che, Santiago: Llev

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No Hable Espanol!

(But I do want to say that this is a very nice face you got going!)

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Hello Santiago, te quiero dar felitaciones por esta bonita foente, que bueno trabajo. So when we can see the old style figures?

Saludos, Regards / Ricardo

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hey Santiago, para cuando nos tienes lista a magela??

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Estoy resolviendo algunos temas t

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It's great: not only the typeface, but also the Spanish conversation. This way I'm actually learning to read Spanish (and I'm trying to read it aloud with a southern accent - quite funny).

But don't exaggerate please. Want straks begin ik in het Nederlands met alle Vlamingen en Nederlanders en dan begrijp je er ook geen snars van. En okkik nui ne kj

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Looks nice, Santiago. This has that distintictive latin flair.
It's very well-balanced. If you intend it to be used for text
you should reconsider the 't' - it will severely hinder readability.

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Gien enkel probleem om ui te verstoan, moat. ;)

Nothing else to add than: you've got yourself a damn
fine face, Santiago!

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