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Art deco, avant garde ish

abeatby Kai (Regular)
Solved by: 
Fivos Vilanakis

Have found a few close matches but can't quite get the f and the horizontal e


Can't find a match but actually, really doubting it's a font as it. These /s and /e are also too close to Avant-Garde Gothic's to be a coincidence (as you said in the title). The circle /o gives also more credit to the A-GG track. To me, that really looks like a custom job based on it. Actually, that'd even be quite easy: start with the Medium (or Bold) weight, remove /f crossbar left part and extend terminals, use a horizontally mirrored custom /f with a pulled upward crossbar for /t and recreate /p starting with /a adding a vertical stroke. Done :)

It looks like an emboldened http://abeatby Kai by Kai Buskirk (free for personal use)

Looks like I was half wrong. This is a font (thanks fivos for finding it out) but to me, it looks like a swipe-n-hack job of Avant-Garde Gothic.

Thanks fvilanakis