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Bicycle playing cards

Greetings! I’m a total newbie to the font world and I was wondering
if you pro’s could help me out. Does anyone know where I could find a
font like what’s used on Bicycle playing cards? Thank you for your
time, I really appreciate it!

Here’s a few links for visual aids:




Welcome to the Type-ID Board, werks99!

We already had a type-ID thread on those, but couldn’t find the actual “Bicycle” font. Let’s hear if anybody else has ideas.

Two possibilities here, both freebies, that might get you “close enough” to fool the casual observer or provide something that can be modified without too much trouble:

Campanile (PC Postscript only) by Dieter Steffmann

Ringlet Black by George White. I contacted Mr White over the weekend because his Web pages were not accessible. He wrote back that the server was renamed as per below. I can’t reach this new URL either and he’s aware of the problem and contacting the Duke sysadmin.

Campanile and Ringlet (Normal, which is thinner that Black) are reportedly included in “24 Victorian Display Fonts” by Dan X. Solo. Amazon has it. I was going to include a link, but those Amazon URLs are so long it’d wrap 2 or 3 times.


on the swoopy-ball-terminal-thingy note, davida is cool. or at least interesting. not as close as above though.


Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it!

In my travels I found a few that were somewhat close, but not free, unfortunately.




Thanks again!

If all you want is something in a similar style but free, you may find something you like over at Nick’s Fonts. He has a bunch of Deco-era kinds of faces for free, and they look pretty well-made.