Flash Forward 2003, SF

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Is anybody attending Flashforward 2003? It's March 26-28th in SF.

Jared and I will be there.

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Not that I'm bitter or anything, but my movie wasn't selected even as a finalist in their stupid, worthless little Flash "film" festival, so I say, screw 'em. Oh, and I can't afford $600 for a conference, either.

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Maybe we should have our own little independant flash film festival and call it Flashdance.

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That's fantastic -- that's one weekend out of the next couple of months that I'm actually in town and without plans! I guess that would be a good deadline for me to make a trailer for the next movie. And thanks, Joe.

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By the way, speaking of 'our own little independent Flash
film festival' stay tuned for more details about the free
Typophile gathering slated for Saturday, 26 April in the SF
Bay area.

Start prepping your typo-centric films/videos/animations.

Cheshire, you better plan on showing your piece there. (Oh,
and you're a winner in my book.)

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I would very much like to go but the $600 price tag is a bit much for this particular unemployed individual. It is kinda nice though being only an hour away from my place of residence.

Have you folks gone in the past? Worthwhile?

~ R

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