late-1980s athletic cheer for Wabash College on the back of Sphinx Club sweatshirts

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This font was used on the back of sweatshirts worn by the Sphinx Club at Wabash College in the late-1980s. The Sphinx Club are cheerleaders, among other things, at football games at the all-male college.



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Can't find a font that could match all letters at the same time. It looks like to mix influences from Grecian (/S and /G) and some Condensed Geometric Slab-Serif (CGS-S). So, sorry, no ready-to-go solution... Customization might be the way.
The closest I've found is LHF Gunslinger Good (formerly LHF Outlaw). The only thing to do with this is to remove all median spurs/thorns.
Another option would be to select a matching CGS-S as base and to borrow /G and /S from (Solotype) Grecian. And last one, probably the hardest, would to start with either a CGS-S or a Grecian and to customize the mismatching letters, /S and /G (more?) with a CGS-S, everything except /S and /G with a Grecian.
Some CGS-S: Athletic Club LHF, Hoboken High, United Condensed Serif HI, Constructa FB, Contact Classic OL, Work Force JNL, Pecadillo MVB, Dharma Slab/Rama Slab by Flat-it, Antique/Antique Two Condensed WTF, Egyptienne Condensed Medium URW++
Some Grecian-like: Athletic Supporter, Wood Block One WLM

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