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Anyone know what font this is? I searched everywhere and cant find it.
Calligraphy? Script? I dont think it was handwritten. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



It most likely is hand lettering; note the positions of the dots over the two /i characters.

Good call. I didn't catch that small detail.
I appreciate the effort! Thanks George!!!

Good observation by George. Can't state if it's hand-drawn or not though. It is true /i dots position is different but your sample is also in bad condition. Just a thought now. I don't understand what would be the goal behind hand-drawing it from side, making repeating /i identical and finally, adding a "hand-drawn" touch by moving only 1 /i dot... Doesn't make sense to me... Anyway, here are some alternatives, close to your sample: Corner Store JT, House Script HI, LaSalle FT, Delicious AY, Fancier Script BV, Dream Lover, Anaheim JT, many scripts by Aring Typefaces Måns Grebäck

Thanks Ryuk!

This is a returning customer from 2009. I just started this new job at a printshop last month, so I don't really know the project history. The customer doesn't even remember where he got the logo from. This was the best and only hard copy sample I found in the archives. Its a scan of his extremely small logo.

Thanks for the font suggestions and reply. I will take a look at the recommended fonts!