$ symbol. Vertical bar does not strike through the 'S'.

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I took over the UX design at a company from a very amateur designer. He used a $ for an icon and I can't match it with any of the fonts installed on the system. I also can't find a vector version so I can resize it without messing with the quality. Any idea what font it is? I tried the automated apps but couldn't nail it with only one character to work with.

- Sans Serif
- vertical line does not strike through the 'S'
- more like rounded corners to the 'S' than a smooth curve
- the vertical line 'caps' are offset from one another, if you extended them through they wouldn't meet it the middle

Also, I only just discovered this site. Hopefully I won't have to avail myself of the font id forum too often but I look forward to lurking and learning.

Thanks in advance,
- T

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Looks like Klavika Bold to me.

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That it does. I think you nailed it. I swear I went through all the installed fonts but clearly I missed this one.

Thank you!

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Glad to help! :-) I was a bit surprised myself that I didn’t have to look at the character more than once to recognise it. My first thought upon reading your post was: TheSans, another very popular typeface with a non-continuous line in this character, but it couldn’t be that one is this case.

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