STADIUM BWRY - Nike - font ID

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Hey guys,

Looking for a possible ID on this varsity looking sans serif used for the Nike Bowery Stadium project.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Nike is well-known for its bespoke typefaces and particularly the people at Nike Bowery Stadium where this photo shoot comes from.
This sample is very close to Nomad: straight oblique /S transition above median line, low /A crossbar, pointy /M centre vertex above baseline, 3 upper terminals /W, straight oblique /R leg. But Nomad is bolder and /R is rather off... Some more alternatives: Strassenbahn (/M and /W off), Nicotine (/W off), Tempus Gothic (/S, /M, /R off), Bourgeois Condensed (mixing Regular/Alternate, probably my candidate for customization as it offers a maximum of flexibility), Primex/Big Noodle Titling, Enamela, Geheimagent

EDIT: after further inspection, Refrigerator Deluxe Light might work pretty well...

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fantastic help - thanks ryuk!

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