Compressed romans used for Alcohol % and volume info on these French wine labels?

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Hello Typophile

If any of you knowledgable folk can identify the typefaces used for the alcohol percentage and volume on the wine labels uploaded in this post I would be awfully grateful. I particularly love the one used on the Krug label, as it has the lightest footprint. Any suggestions for compressed romans with a more charigraphic nature rather than transitional/modern which would be suitable for the alcohol percentage and volume would be greatly appreciated.


Times, Garamond 3, New Century Schoolbook, Diotima
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Moët & Chandon is squooshed Times. Bertrand-Delespierre is some squooshed Century, maybe Century Schoolbook. Lanson is some heavily squooshed Garamond, maybe Garamond No. 3. Krug is even more heavily squooshed Diotima.

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R.: Thank you -- you nailed it. Very impressive. It seems I need practicing on identifying fonts once squooshed. See above screenshot.

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You’re welcome!

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Kudos Robert for your effective comparison presentation. Worth emulating.

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