Serif logo font, resembles both Garamond-like and Charlemagne-like ones

Nicolas Cochin
Solved by: 
Fivos Vilanakis

Please help me identify this pretty serif logo font, used on the cover of a new graphic novel. It seems similar to both Garamond-like and Charlemagne-like fonts. Letter E resembles CharleMagne, Barry Gothic etc, but R is specific and unusual. I understand this logo may be created in a vector graphic editor, but there must be a font it's based on. I guess this ornamented O is more probably a product of graphic design, but may it be some decorative font too?


I think it's based on a modified http://Nicolas Cochin by Georges Peignot, available from URW++, Linotype, etc
The /O looks like a custom design

Thanks, iI guess it is true. Nicolas Cochin fits up to 99%. R may be cut from another font.