LA KINGS Online Media Font

Refrigerator Deluxe
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This might be an easy one for you, but it's stumping me. This font is used on the LA Kings website ( and social media (facebook, instagram, twitter photos).

These are some fonts that I found to be similar in some respects, but not the right one: FF DIN, ITC Conduit, Battersea, Stratum 1, Stratum 2, Lintel, Route 66, Geogrotesque, Bourgeois, Rama Gothic, H&J Forza, Purista Web, Moire, Tstar, Helsinki, Nudista, Boxed.

Here are some images from across their social media. I tried to include symbols, numbers, some lowercase, different weights, and certain letters (K, Q, M) that seemed to trip me up with the fonts above:

I would appreciate the help. Thanks.


If anyone knows how I can add a thumbnail I would appreciate the help. I can't seem to do that or figure out where it says on the site.

Refrigerator Deluxe by Mark Simonson

Thank you Ryuk!