Sans Serif, looks common

Bebas Neue
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Hello, I made this design about a year ago. However I recently lost all of my files due to hard drive failure and I want to remake this design, but I can't seem to find the font. (I have a copy of the image saved, but not the .psd file itself)

I thought it was one of the fonts that are included with the computer (Macbook Pro) but after looking through all of them, I guess it isn't.

It bears resemblance to Arial/Helvetiva but thinner, especially the letter E.

Please help me find the font.

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Oh, I just found it. It was the first thing I saw on and immediately recognized it as Bebas Neue. I do recall using this font several times for a number of things.

Off-topic: if you recreate this, try to make the letters align ;-)