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This typeface originated from the handwritten form of the letter "B". It consisted of a series of upper and lower case B's written out on a large piece of paper. I searched for letter forms within the original letter. When the letters were cut out there was an area of negative space left surrounding the form. This is just a preliminary sketch and I would like some feedback before I continue. Thanks.Bb.

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I like this.

The "v" is weird.

I would like to see the strokes black and the negative spaces knocked out.



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Nice job!! Can't wait to see the Caps and numbers.

Dad & Mom

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Dad & Mom!

Welcome to typophile. Two generations in one thread. Must be a first.


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I like the "p". It is quite aPPealing. Ha.
Unique could really go far with this one.
Keep on keepin' on.

p.s. This is it, don't get scared.

p.s.s. Like my pic?? Ooh la la.


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sean, i'm working with jori on this project, and she's planning on doing the positive/negative switch once she gets things digitized fully.
i think the concept is good, and the fact that you're finding all the forms from those b variants is pretty amazing. they all have a consistent feel, which is obviously good. it's interesting how the negative shapes aren't totally enclosed by the black, due to the cutting of them. that becomes a bit distracting on the "o" and i want to say it looks like a "p", but like sean said, it would be good to see some words. he's right about the "v", but again, it would help to see it used in context. utilizing tight letterspacing, with the black areas touching will probably affect things quite a bit, so the samples will be important.

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I would like to publicly apologize for the horrid first attempt at a critique on this typeface. I am deeply ashamed, and wish you the best of luck with this typeface. I think it is very unique, and I know you will find ways to make it even better than it already is. I am fortunate enough to know you pretty well, and I think you have quite the knack for pulling things together in the end. I don't think this will be an exception. Good work.


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It would B cool to see the source B.

I'll B back later to see it.


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i'm diggin the look and would like to see the family lined out or just some word forms. the "a" and "h" look a bit forced like your trying to outline the letters. the "x" and the "v" are my favorite, they seem very naturalistic. i would rethink the "L".


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