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A nice funky one, any comments?


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I was wondering when someone would produce
the first pixel multilinear bauhauser. I
salute you for it. But now that I see the
readability problems, I'd recommend a
height (size) increase of a few pixels.


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The readability problems are in a expecific fonts, or in the lowercases?. and a question..
what do you think about the little font that i make for the credits?


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It's generally difficult to read.

Perhaps the space between letters
and the inline being the same pixel
width is contributing to the problem.
But greater letter spacing won't fix it.

I'm just thinking this may have to be
a 15 pixel-high font using two pixels
for the strokes on each side of the
inline. But what do I know? I'm not
the one who is making spiffy bitmaps
out of complex display fonts.

Keep at it.


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Stephen & Joe:

You`re right guys, and thank you.
Just see this:


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This is visually interesting but very difficult to

If the spirit of Bauhaus types were/are
about achieving ultimate simplicity,
this seems to have totally lost that spirit.

Can you say the same of a bitmap script?
(Namely that bitmaps are the furthest thing
from actual handwriting.) Probably. But that
doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue it...

Now that I'm done waxing on... Stephen's
probably on to something with his suggestion
of an increased px height.

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For what you were attempting, it works very well. Still, I have to agree that it isn't very readable.

The biggest part of the problem isn't in the design. I think the design is very good, again, for what you were attempting to create, which seems to be a display face that can be used at bitmapped text sizes.

The problem instead lies in the fact that inline Bauhaus fonts like this were never meant to be used at sizes this small. It's the inline form relative to its size that's the problem -- not your interpretation of it. To that end, I'm not sure that thickening the black lines will be of significant help. I suspect that you'd just end up with an even heavier font that looks cool but is difficult to read at small sizes. :)

I think perhaps the best solution would be to enlarge the font overall to a size where it has acceptible readability, and treat it as a (very cool) display face rather than a text face.


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What if you increase 1 or 2 px between caracters ?

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