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This is a type based on the notes in my sketchbook. Usually I write with a fine Sharpie on thinish paper which absorbs and spreads most of the ink. Hmmmm....I've wanted to use my print on posters before, so this is my attempt to digitalize it.Sketchbook Text

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I think the "z" is too wide and the "q" should back slant like the rest.

I really like that "B".


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yup. the z is too wide, but i know you're fixing that. i agree that the B is really nice, but disagree that the q should back slant--handwriting is handwriting, plus it adds some variety and keeps things from being too systematic. also the angle echoes the z and y descenders. overall the face has a real nice energy and positive feel, maybe due to the stems thickening at the top and the upward thrust of the B, p, and e. another nice quirk, in addition to the B stem, is the descender on the z. if you can keep that, it will be a nice touch on the rare occasion of its use. the lowered x is nice as well--keeps things spontaneous.

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I think I asked this a while back, but for the sake of the newer members...what do you think of "correcting" handwritten fonts? i.e. seanmichael's comment about changing the slant of the "q". Doesn't that take away from the authentic handwritten look?

I think this is very nice, BTW.

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