Kind of rounded edge typeface

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I'm looking for the name of this kind of rounded edge typeface that I found on a pdf.
Any help would be hugely apreciated. Thanks


I think the edges are a little bit less rounded and the "r" is different. This is an example picture of the Brauer Neue typeface

Need to take a coffee (or two...), that's definitely not Brauer Neue... What's your simple origin?

Previous thread on Sans with rounded corners:

I took the sample from the Brauer Neue link. They let you try the typeface.
The corners are just sightly rounded. Maybe that's why it's a tricky one to identify

Damn... Looks like 2 coffees were not enough... Sorry for the misunderstanding. My question was referring to your original sample, not Brauer's. Where does this "Writing Workshop" lettering come from? Website? PDF?

Oh, I thought you meant the second sample because I've already mentioned where the first was from. The original sample comes from a pdf. Will another sample make it easier to identify or do you think it was a custom typeface? Thanks

Have you tried pressing Ctrl+D in Adobe Reader/Acrobat? The document properties windows will open. You could click on the ‘Fonts’ tab and see what it says or upload the PDF here if you can’t make sense of what you find.

I'm confused... I hadn't even properly read your first post... Seen only now you mentioned a PDF... More coffee would be definitely helpless, I really need to rest :D
So, if you have the original PDF, the answer might be as quick as checking what fonts are used on the document: Open Document with Adobe Reader > File > Properties > Fonts tab
If, please post the answer, I'm also interested in knowing it. If not, may be a bespoke typeface so the origin of this PDF might be helpful (at least more than 2 more coffee's).

EDIT: What R. said

I'm so sorry. I didn't know about the Ctrl+D thing. I could have solved it without bothering you. It says that the typeface is called Sheffield and was created for Sheffield by Fontsmith.
Here is the explanation:
Thank you very much guys!

EDIT: I can only name one user in the "solved by", but the credits go for R. and Ryuk.

Yes, you should try the font check on the PDF recommended by Ryuk.
If you are lucky you will get a list of fonts, or font subsets used in the PDF.
If you get a blank or just a list of common fonts that you know do not match your image, this means that it is not used as a font in the PDF. The PDF might use vector outlines, which you can examine in detail if you use a program like Adobe Illustrator, or images such as jpegs. You can determine if your PDF uses images by increasing the scale. If the quality becomes fuzzy, it uses images. If you can scale without loss of quality, the PDF uses fonts or vector outlines.
If this is too technical we can try another approach:
......Is the PDF on the web? and
......Do you have a URL that you can post?

Thanks for sharing the information with us, Ulyses!

Thanks for the information, Ulyses! Now, I know why I couldn't recognize it! Here are 3 more alternatives for this exclusive typeface (not commercially available): Geogrotesque EMT (Stencil version Stencil), Center Signal and Aveny T Playtype

Thank you for helping me R., Ryuk and donshotytype! And thanks for the alternatives also Ryuk!

Just to round out this interesting discussion, here is the link to Sheffield where one can observe the font in use:

Hi Ryuk, Geogrotesque EMT is spot on as a substitute. But check your link for Aveny T Playtype. It leads to a wiki. Should be

Thanks Don for checking. Link corrected (forum doesn't handle https links correctly).

Rounded corners almost identical to Sheffield, but wider letterform -- Boing by Playtype: