Usable handwritten-ish/script web font for writing?

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Been tasked with designing an online writing space using a handwritten-looking font. Most seem pretty terrible for the task of writing/reading 3-4 paragraphs, but I'd still like to give it a good shot.

Any suggestions for a web font that looks handwritten/scripty and remains somewhat usable for medium-form writing and reading?

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One approach is to use a font that mimics the type of handwriting that was taught in schools -- but is now being dropped because of the attitude that in the age of keyboarding "nobody writes by hand!" Other options are to use a font that avoids too much variation in the flow of the lower case letters. Webfonts should be available for most of the fonts listed below.
So you might try:
* Tim Ryan's School Script from Monotype
* Monoline Script from Monotype -- very regular appearance
* Jack Edmondson's Wisdom Script and Yellow Design Studio's variation as
Thirsty Script -- use the light weight
*Martin Wait's William Lucas
* Robert Hunter Middleton's Coronet

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Also Lobster, Marketing Script, Wrexham Script, Forelle etc.

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You might (just maybe, almost, I'm not quite sure) be able to use Professor. If it's set large, and you work very hard to get all the other typographic variables to work in its favour. Maybe.

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