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Do you know any font which is similar to the Parisine Plus.

I like this font a lot.


I don’t grasp what you’re getting at? You like Parisine Plus a lot, but you want to use something else? Why not simply use Parisine Plus? It doesn’t bite, yaknow. ;)

Let me guess: you don’t want to pay the license fee for the real thing, so you’d like to find a cheap or even free lookalike.
Usually it doesn’t work that way. Ask yourself why Jean-Fran

heh heh, too much for me! thanks all my friends.

John idea is not so irrealist but at minor level. Based on Parisine, it can be possible to ad some special unique features, whithout redesigning everything. and It will cost less than a pure custom font that guys such John Hudson can also able to do, too.

Some with a similar flavor:

Presence from fellow Frenchman Thierry Puyfoulhoux.

Stephen, good serie of proposals! but I saw only Aspect from Jeremy Tankard with some alternates such those on Parisine Plus.

(I don

Hey hey hey! Check your status, J-F: by your next post, you’ll be upgraded from “Typophile” to “Typophile Regular”! :-)

Quite amuzed by the inital post, a guy who like a type family a lot but search for another similar one??

Try Parisine, it is very similar to Parisine Plus ;-)

Thanks Yves, too, I

Sorry Yves and Jean,

but this is not the reason. A big magazine in germany use the parasine plus so i don’t want to use it too because i need it also for a magazine.

But i like the character alot

A-HA! Things are getting clearer. You could’ve told us from the start what the exact motives were for your peculiar question. ;)

One thing I can say: there’s more than enough room for some extra Parisine Plus in Germany, trust me. A delightful face like that is not likely to get overused that quickly. And it’s just as much HOW you use it. I just did three different magazine designs using Tarzana, and they couldn’t be further apart (I need to get some mileage out of my license fees, yaknow ;) ). Maybe reconsider your decision.

If you really insist, why don’t you hop over at LucasFonts and check what they have in store? Another “young” type designer who does incredible work, just like Mr. Porchez.
(Sorry, J-F, I know: Luc(as) again.)

ok, good.
May I ask which BIG magazine? Dear Michael?

Any url welcome too!

Yes, I’m interested too! It’s all too rare I’ve seen it in use: Parisine Plus is not well-known here in Belgium. If you don’t have a url, maybe a scan of cover and a few pages would make my day (unless it’s available in Belgium, in which case I can go check it out in a magazine shop).

ParisinePlus is one of those typefaces that really can do many different things. The variety of weights was is one reason it is invaluable. The elegance of the italic. This is not a typeface to be considered a flash in the pan.

I very happy I purchased it and hope to add Parisine to my library this year. ;^)

So what is this other magazine using ParisinePlus?

ParisinePlus is great — my second favorite JFP font (after Costa).


A suggestion for Michael: why not try to talk your publisher into commissioning an exclusive custom typeface for your magazine, designed by Jean-Fran