Possible fake tweet with something close to Georgia


This image has been making the rounds in Spain recently after the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona last Saturday. It's an alleged tweet by Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, who's famous for making all kinds of less than fortunate remarks on Twitter. If you can read Spanish, you'll get the (unintentional) joke.

The thing is, although it would be possible for Sergio Ramos to make such a ridiculous statement, the typography looks a little off. It is very similar to Georgia, which is what a lot of Twitter clients are set in, but not quite. The glyphs look slightly thinner and there is less contrast. Plus, the Os look a little rounder than usual.

Can anyone tell me if this indeed Georgia or something else?

Many thanks in advance,

Nico Ordozgoiti


Confirming Georgia and if you still need to be 100% positive, try to inspect css code as it's embedded as WebFont (or if you're a Chrome user, install Whatfont and you'll get a quick answer).