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i made a display font for a book project over graphic design.
it is based on simple forms.
what says it to it?

DC_TYPE.swf (10.0 k)

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Interesting take on the grid. I like the rounded bits especially. I think certain letters seems a bit wide: S F L The cross-stroke of the T and F could be shortened (perhaps?).

Other weights?

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dear tiffany, thanks for your comment.
i make only one weight.
after this project becomes free it for download.

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Very nice Font, Heinrich. Especially the "R" but the "X" and "7" looks a little bit strange.

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I like it.. 'Russian flavoured Type Design'..

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thanks for your comments.

here is the final version.

DC_TYPE_final.swf (32.1 k)

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Wonderful! Going to sell it?

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this is a exlusiv type for a book.
if the book release, it type freely to give.

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Give the font only to people who buy the book, at least until a second printing or something.


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any update? Is the font available already? :-)

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this book project is unfortunately not realized :-(

the type will give it with the other book-project and will be able one it then to buy.


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