(x) Insights on the Lotus Sutra - Friz Quadrata {Stephen}

This is so obvious, but I can’t remember the name of this font no matter how hard I try and I need it now!

image/tiffFont for Lotus Sutra
type.tif (171.5 k)


Although your version has a geometric, monoline ‘O’. Hmm…
Maybe it just lost some of the stroke contrast in the scan.
Where is the sample from, Melanie?

Thank you! It’s from the front of a book cover that I need to reproduce. The type I scanned was very close together so some of the letters may have come out funny, but Friz Quadrata it is, and I thank you!

It’s possible that the sample was squeezed just enough to make it look more monoline than it actually is, though I wouldn’t bet money on that theory.

Nice new icon, Stewf. Man, everyone’s getting cool icons now. I’m gonna have to work on mine.

Thanks Chesh. I swiped it from a collection of lovely Czech matchbooks.

I have bought a whole collection of those matchbox stickers (+300pcs) last summer in Czech republic! A guy on street sold it for almost nothing. I wonder if it was his OWN collection…

Wow! I want. Gimme!