Typopixo is looking for Lettering artists / Type-designers

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Typopixo is looking for Lettering artists / Type-designers

We are Novo Typo / Typopixo from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
We developed a code to make multi-color fonts (multicolor-pixels in png format in unicode) useable as webfonts.

The website for this new project is online for testing now. We are looking for high quality multi colorfonts to extend this collection.
Who will be interested in selling your typefaces via this website?
It will increase your market, audience and sales for webfonts. We did some testing with typographers, designers, webdevelopers and programmers and the response is very enthusiastic and promising.

If you are interested in a collaboration we can send you a link to the website, a personal login-code and detailed information about the technique, contracts and EULA, etc.

To convince you of our good intensions and the quality of our technique you can send us some multicolored png’s with a transparant background. We can put them on the test-website so you will get an idea how it all works. Of course, if we don’t come to an agreement we will trash all files.
If you are just curious how our technique is working, just send us an email. We will be happy to send you an inlog-code and some information about this new project. Please feel free to attend us on people who might be interested in this project.

Looking forward to hear from you,
best regards,

Novo Typo
Beautiful typefaces from The Netherlands


www.typopixo.nl (only with personal inlog-code)

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