Victorians from "Elijah's Mermaid"



I'm trying to identify the main display face, "Elijah's Mermaid" & "Essie Fox".

Also, the secondary display face, "Published by Orion" & "Read Extract".

Finally, the face used in the word "About" in the second image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as always!

Thanks, team.


ELIJAH'S MERMAID/ESSIE FOX: might be 'Concave Extra Condensed', the original name Arched Gothic Condensed SG is based on

PUBLISHED BY ORION/READ EXTRACT/ORDER THE BOOK: reminds me of this previous discussion but that's none of the ones suggested there. Still searching...

Thank you so much Ryuk!

Thank you so much Ryuk!

.. duplicate ..

"Published by Orion" and other bits use Olympia. The only digital version I'm aware of is Olympian by Dan Solo on the 24 Victorian Display Fonts CD. It used to be made and sold by Dover Publications, but they quit offering it a few years ago. Copies can still be found on Amazon and eBay.

Edit: I forgot that Olympian can be had also as Rochambeau by Scriptorium.

Olympian: In addition to Dan X. Solo's Victorian Olympian, and Scriptorium's Rochambeau, there is Enstep's Dark Grey, which may be an independent digitization, but in any case is now an orphan font available only from pirate sites. Worth checking the three for relative quality.