Similar to Report School font

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I need help to identify this font

It's very similar to Report School font.
The letter S is specific, I believe.


Very close to [[|Aperçu]] by Colophon but can't be positive that's it. What's the sample origin?

Thanks Ryuk,
Yes, it's incredible close, but just - close.
I took the sample from this site [[ |]].

Thanks for the link. Was easier with it using Chengyin Liu's [[|Whatfont Google Chrome extension]] as it's embedded as WebFont. That's [[|Wigrum]] by Bureau des Affaires Typographiques (BAT). It looks like to mix influences from Futura, aforementioned Aperçu and [[|Neutraface 2 HI]]. First time seeing it in action. Thanks!

Oh, now I see... they have some text set in Wigrum.
My first thought, after I read your post, was: How he can see with Whatfont what font it is, if it's an image, not font? He must have some new voodoo version of Whatfont!

Thanks again!