MYRON by GORE VIDAL cover typeface


I thought this one would be really easy but unfortunately I am a bit lost. I cannot find anyone suitably narrow and the shape of the serifs.

Best bets: ITC Milano
Sequoia (not terribly loving it)

Others I looked at: Caslon Graphique, Carousel, Annlie, Fat Face, Pistilli, FC Didoni.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is the design used in the Random House, New York, first edition of 1974.
At that time New York publishers often used photo-typositing fonts from Photo Lettering or one of it's competitors. These were often photo manipulated versions of various fonts.
Perhaps not digitized. Some checking of the photo lettering catalogs may produce a match. The kind of font that was produced by designers such as Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnese.

Can't name it either. As you both said, close to Milano Roman and the work of Tom Carnase. It mixes influences from Tom's Roman (Carnase's again), Trooper Roman and PLINC Caslon Benguiat, Benguiat's version of Caslon, digitized by Christian Schwartz and available through House Industries Photo-Lettering catalog (possibly the closest shamelessly squooshing it).

Thanks Ryuk, for confirming my suspicion that this was a Photo-lettering font delivered to Random House, New York.
Photo-lettering provided its fonts in a range of widths, including the one used for _Myron_. Apparently only the regular width has been digitized.
For an exact match to the book cover here is the correct width of Caslon Benguiat:

Bonus:A link for a digital version of Carnase's Milano Roman ITC by BA Graphics

Thank you all so much! I greatly appreciate it.