Help ID this old classic font? Just having an embarrassing brain fart.


From a very old photo. I'm pretty sure the sign was hand-lettered, as most were 100 years ago, but I recognize the font it is based on. I just can't quite pull up the name from the dark corners of my brain, and don't see it when scrolling through my collection and searching likely suspects. Please help?

It's funny, I never really liked this font, but now I need it. :-p


I can't find an exact match, but for what is worth Jandoni by Éric de Berranger looks a bit similar

Agree it looks familiar but I can't place it exactly right now.
In the interim here is a modern font that is somewhat similar, _Havana_ by Letterhead Fonts:

Blend the sans format of Jandoni with the swashing movement of Havana and you are getting closer.

So here is Jandoni Bold edited to approximate the image, including a nice foxtail leg on the R:

This would seem to work as a way of creating the appropriate font.
For inspiration on foxtails for other letters, I like Dave Rowland's Vulpa Bold:

Thank you, guys! I think that will work as a solution.

I still am quite sure I recognize the R and C, I just can't recall from where. But this is a good solution. I have to wrap this project by tomorrow. Thank you!

You're welcome.