Could it be a Zapf derivé? It makes me think of Melior type and it has some calligraphic details.

“Steph-wan, you’re our only hope…”

*Please* don’t tell us today is the
day you’ll start charging for font-IDs.


A little bird told me:
“Grizzly is very close to Leipzig by Albert Kapr. By Typoart, 1963.”

Not that I’m about to drop everything and digitize this thing, but I’d be curious to see Leipzig’s full character set, and the italic. Assuming it wasn’t a mockingbird.


Leipzig it is, but some digital rip-off. The original is shown in a book i have in berlin, but i’m in san francisco. i could have shown you a page otherwise.

Thanks very much for the offer!
The bird just emailed me a 6Mb scan… which I’ll be sending to the gym for some weight loss, and posting the result here soon.


OK, here’s a scan of a specimen of Leipzig:
Comments to come… (I hope?)


Well I guess that’s not it (as lovely as it is).
Note the ‘R’ and ‘G’ which I prefer in “Grizzly”.
I see a lot of Zapf in it as Jacques does, and
I’m still on the search.


There are differences — Leipzig seems much more refined and intelligent to me (like that lc “k” is *exactly* my cup of tea). But maybe “Grizzly” is directly inspired from it — especially in the UC.

On the other hand, the UC “S” in Grizzly is singular, and one of the sexiest glyphs I’ve ever seen.


I was also thinking Zapf at first, but in
some ways it’s not. I was also thinking ITC.


Or Lettraset

Wow… It’s VERY similar in structure to Zapf International, but there are differences. Even the serifs looks similar.

The italic caps are Stempel Schneidler, but I’m at a loss as to what the roman caps are.



Granted, the lc has a *certain* Zapf International air about it, but otherwise it’s very different.


> but there are differences.

Sheesh. Not even any credit for getting the italic right… ;)


David, did you say Schneidler? Funny, that’s
one of the designers that popped in my mind
when I was trying to figure out who made the
Roman, not knowing whose the italics was…

Could it be some obscure Schneidler font?


One other thing:
Isn’t that italic UC “U” just da bomb?


BTW, another possibility is Poppl, because the font features some very typographic compensations that most calligraphic designers ignore — unlike the masterful Poppl. But I thought I was aware of all his type designs…


> Isn’t that italic UC “U” just da bomb?

Definitely. I’ve always liked Schneidler — almost as much as Jenson.

Still no new leads on the roman, though. It also reminds me somewhat of Pressig, In it’s choppiness) but that’s not it either…. your sample isn’t as choppy as Pressig. Argh.