Looking for a 'fuzzy' font

You guys were such a great help last time I thought I’d try again.

My step-son is doing a science fair project on mold. We are looking for a free ‘fuzzy’ or ‘moldy’ looking font.

Any ideas?


You might try something at http://www.webfontlist.com/ — The categories they have on the left side might help you find something you’re looking for.

Is Font Diner’s “Hothead” (“Free Silverware” section) hairy, or are those flames? http://www.fontdiner.com

Dunno, the “fuzzy” or “moldy” font concept piqued my curiousity

Memory Lapses by Misprinted Type http://www.misprintedtype.com/type/type_memorylapses.html

or here’s a good one, sure to please:

Green Fuz at Larabie Fonts http://www.larabiefonts.com/fonts/g/greenfuz.html