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HELP! Magazine Redesign: Modern Typeface Combination Needed

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HELP! Magazine Redesign: Modern Typeface Combination Needed


I'm a newbie in a need of some typo advice from experts as I have become overwhelmed by browsing the web ...

I'm a student and currently redesigning a medical magazine run by a non-profit student organization.

I'm looking for a sans serif for headings (it will also appear on posters) and a serif for long texts (2 columns).
Keywords: economical, legible, modern

I like Garamond Premier Pro and Minion Pro because they are very economical and legible but I have problem with paring them with a nice sans serif. I really don't like how humanist Gills Sans or Syntax look as headings. They have great amount of glyphs (which is also important to me) and they are a classic option but maybe I prefer something more fresh and modern. I really like FF Tisa but again I have the same problem as I don't know what goes well together with it.

I really like Klavika for the headings and I think it would look great on posters. I have read it matches well with Adelle, The Serif and Unit Slab Pro. I think this is a more modern option but I'm concerned its not appropriate for long text - or is it? I like DIN Next Pro too but I think its more for way finding?

I'm totally confused ... Please, help me find my pairing :) I'm also open to something totally different from fonts stated above.

Thank you for your answers!

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For matching a sans with Tisa:
First, look at the horizontal scaling—it musn’t appear that one is condensed or extended relative to the other.
Next, focus on a typical setting, to get the x-height right.
Usually, Bold sans subhead with same size Regular serif body text.
(So the sans x-height might be quite large.)
Once you get those proportions matched, you can be sure the layout will be functional, so trust your judgement and taste the rest of the way.