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(x) LIQUID - Futura Bold {Eduardo}

I’m stumped. This could be any ol’ sans if it weren’t for the
fancy ‘Q’. It could be a customized ‘Q’ for the masthead, but
I’m throwing it up here just in case someone knows it.


looks like a customized Futura.

You’re right, Eduardo. That ‘D’ looked humanist to me
for some reason. I spent way too much time looking
for this one. Thanks.

That little “Nummer 3 2000” in the corner endeared me instantly. What is this publication all about, anyway?

It’s a Swedish magazine about alkeehol. My pal is
looking to develop their website.

So the “Nummer” is supposed to be like a drunkard slurring his words? Bloody brilliant.

Hehe. Funny. It’s Svensk.