Petit-Suisse Casino

Tartine Script
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Donald H. Tucker


I would like to ceate a new packaging based on the attached design;
So I'm looking for the "Casino" and "Le Petit-Suisse" fonts.

I think "Le Petit-Suisse" font is Myriad Pro (and all other texts, no?)
And Casino ?

Many Thanks !!


No image that I can see.

Confirming "Le Petit-Suisse" is Myriad.
"Casino" is not-a-font, more probably a custom lettering exclusively done for the company.
There's also Cocon FF used on this label ("L'INDICE CARBONE...").

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Ok, thanks for info and confirmation.

Do you have a typo close to Casino to suggest me ?

thanks again !

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Finally have image.
I note all of the duplicates for Ryuk's posts.
I don't know who runs Typophile, but I do appeal to them to try and get better server performance. Sometimes its O.K. More often a post in recent weeks has been like a shot in Russian roulette.

In the ballpark, I suggest Crema, designed by Hubert Jocham for packaging -- the name suggests dairy, yoghurt etc:
There are also other buttery scripts such as Tartine Script that you might find useful.

Thanks !

Hope you get the information you want .
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