Lakeside Inn-help identify font, please

I confess to be a rank amateur and need the help of you pros, please, in identifying the font used by Lakeside Inn at Lake Tahoe. Thank you!lakeside inn


The shapes of the lc “a” “d” and “k” and uc “I”, and the inconsistencies in the design have me believe this might be custom drawn. I think maybe we can whup up a typeface that’s similar and that could be a good starting point if you’re willing to go through some customizing.

BTW We’re all rank amateurs here, only some of us are better at hiding it than others. :-)

It’s hard for me to believe that an inn at Lake Tahoe, a small resort town in the mountains between California and Nevada, would have the resources to commission a custom logo. In many ways the face reminds me of Americana, though I know that’s not a match, and I couldn’t find one myself.

Oh but I totally agree, Chesh, I find that equally hard to believe: I never said I thought they commissioned a custom logo. It looks more like some poorly skilled but highly motivated person drew it. The lettershapes have that lovely wobbly inconsistent vernacular feel to them, and I don’t think Tibor Kalman’s responsible for that. ;)