Pre-digital script face from 1976


I am interested in this script face from a 1976 Moog pricelist. I have been unable to identify it from any current digital type foundry, so perhaps it was never digitized.

It has stylistic cognates in Murray Hill, and some of the script fonts from the Filmotype library, but no exact match. Can anyone with any older type specimen books from the phototype days help me out?


Closest I found, from the Photolettering _Alphabet Thesaurus_ of 1960, Wilson Script 6 condensed:

The differences are minor. Perhaps your script was in a later edition.

Hi osamu,

I know what you mean about the style re: Murray Hill - it also put me in mind of Nevison Casual, Brody Script and Saginaw - they all have a similar vibe
Although, I note that you say you need to find an "exact match" for the example, well that could be difficult. I've been through a lot of my reference material and didn't find anything there (not yet anyhow). But, if close is OK - and you do mention the Filmotype library - then check out "Honey Script". That may work.

Just an idea


I suspect that your sample is most likely a PhotoLettering font from the 1960s or 1970s, but very little of their catalog is digitized. A competitor, Filmotype, has several digitized fonts that are somewhat similar, particularly Filmotype Hamlet and Filmotype Harmony:
Also Filmotype Honey, as already mentioned.