(x) similar to verdana - Verdana or Tahoma {JFP, Colin}

Here is the image:


Similar to verdana, but it cant be because its used in a litestep theme, and everything is in caps.. Litestep doesnt have the option to make everything caps.. please help.

PS. Image isnt the greatest, i have more but all are same quality.


if its not Verdana its Tahoma (roughly same face different width/spacing)

It’s Tahoma

Ah, thank you. Did a bit of work.. Its Verdana Bold size 9.

Thanks again.

Hmm… I just did some layovers in Photoshop, and Tahoma Bold 7px fits almost perfectly over this sample. Verdana bold is too large at 7px and too small at 6px.

Strange, it works perfectly in litestep for me.. verdana bold size 9.