Horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab

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Horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab

Hello everyone,
I've a question about horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab.
Going to Font Info --> Hinting Settings --> Standard stems (T1 hinting) it is possible to define values for horizontal and vertical font's standard stems.
But when I'm in a blank Glyph Window is there a way to visualize horizontal and vertical hints based on those values?
I mean, how can I make those values useful for the designing process of the glyphs?
Thank you for your help!

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Typophile has been down a lot lately, so I think your question has languished.

AFAIK: Not directly, that I know of. However, you can see stem thicknesses of current stems, by autohinting them (F7). If you then use the option to convert hints to links, the links will dynamically adjust when you make changes to the outlines, to always show the current measurement.

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Guidelines can be used for the alignments and horizontal stems, and vertical stems are not as hintable anyway, but a grid helps to place and weight them consistently.