Lisu Font does not display in Windows

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Lisu Font does not display in Windows


I installed the LisuUnicode font on Windows 7 and it won't display unless you specify that you want to use that font. For example, if you select the Lisu font in Microsoft Word, it will display the Lisu input, but if you want to do anything in an another WIndows program, like Internet Explorer, it will just display boxes (unless the website has it specified in its stylesheet, that the font should be used). Interestingly it will always display in Firefox, but not in other browsers or in QQ (a chat program Chinese people frequently use). Lisu is a Chinese minority and there are a number of fonts available, but none works under Windows 7 or lower.

The font works fine in Windows 8, as well as on a Mac. Apparently also no problem on Linux. So why doesn't it display on older Windows versions, even though it is a Unicode font? We would really like to get the font working in any Windows program, so that the Lisu minority can start to communicate in their own language.

Thank you for any suggestions.