Roule galette

script bold mt
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Donald H. Tucker

I would like to crate an invitation based on an old book for kids : "roule galette".

Could you help me to identify the 2 fonts :
- for "les albums du père Castor" and "roule galette"
- fo the text behind "Et la vielle pose la galette...."

Or 2 fonts close !

Many thanks !


I'm afraid the one for "roule galette" is hand-lettered, the 3 /e are all different.

"Roue galette" is hand-lettered, but you can come fairly close with Script Bold MT designed by Fritz Stelzer in 1931:

Thanks, it is really close and will be find for me.

ans for the text ? what do you recommend ?

You're welcome.
Can't get quite as close for "les allums du père Castor."
Don't know the date of your book, but if it was after 1948 the artist might have been familiar with Alessandro Butti's _Rondine_ for Nebiolo. Digitized by Rebecca Alaccari for Canada Type as _Bella Donna_

yes, 1950.

and some suggestion for the text "Et la vielle pose la galette...."" ?

Pretty small, but I don't see anything that would preclude Times New Roman.

Very late but I like also Kitti Casual JT for "roule galette".